Live Engineering, Recording Studio, & Equipment Sales

What We Are / What We Do

Recording Studio Production

We are your home for great studio recordings! Our clients from around the globe trust us to mix and create that perfect mix or master.

Live Sound Production

We travel worldwide and engineer some of the most difficult concerts! Whether it’s big band, rock, acappella, symphonic, we are your right choice for clear sound!

Learn From Us!

We travel and teach A Cappella performance, live sound, studio production, and advanced audio engineering. We train some of the best in the business!

Recording Label and Artist Management

Our newest venture is creating groups and bands to perform and record at Sonic Audio. We also have a great management team in place to help them get the music OUT!

We can teach you too!

We give free advice on sound, the business, and your performance.
Our clients look to us for the answers.

We fly out to you. We setup your sound equipment or be the liaison between you and the sound rental company. We then teach you, students or professional musicians about using the latest equipment, mixers, and In-Ears effectively. We then mix and produce the concert while fully multi-track recording the entire performance. Then we bring those live tracks back to Sonic Audio and produce the best sounding live recordings! Everyone wins! You learn about how to sound great! We gain a new and happy client. And you get a great recording to sell to your fans!

  • Live Sound Engineering

    From main stage Vegas to the Kennedy Center, We are the best Acappella engineers!

  • Studio Producing

    We excel at producing great studio recordings

  • Music industry knowledge

    We give free advice on the Music Biz!

  • Engineering Clinics

    We can teach you how to use your equipment or help you buy the right gear!

Our Team

Studio and Live Engineers
Tony Huerta
Master Engineer – Owner
Tony is the founder of Sonic Audio and our Chief Engineer. He runs our engineer training course, mixes internationally for major acts, has Gold records under his belt, and is one of the primary testing engineers for Roland Pro Audio. He is sponsored by Shure, Westone, Roland Pro Audio, and Waves.
Thomas Breslin
Director of Marketing and Talent Management
Not only did Thomas handle the difficult task of being the Monitor Engineer for the The Sing Off Tour, he manages Motive, Denver’s newest All Vocal Band! He directs the marketing here at Sonic.

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