Studio Sound

TOB Human Mix 6

Click the image to Listen to the track pictured here! Human Nature – Traces of Blue


We believe that providing superlative studio sound comes down to a few things: world class facilities, an expert in audio engineering, and a creative environment. We encourage you to explore your options when recording, though we are confident that you will find that what we provide will give you the best sound imaginable.

Our newly renovated studios located in Broomfield, Colorado are capable of recording multiple groups at the same time. With our Pro Tools system, we are capable of literally anything. The ProTools enabled studio can handle anything from a solo artist to a big band and anything in between.

Sonic Audio employs engineers based on more than just wide experience.  We expend great time and effort in understanding what our engineers bring to the table; from a good ear to seasoned producers, the people you’ll work with will get the most out of your session to maximize your investment and keep the creative process rolling.

Above all, we believe that the best tracks come from people who are comfortable, inspired, and encouraged. From free beverages to comfortable studios, Sonic Audio goes above and beyond to help you get more than just an accurate recording. It is our goal to capture and enhance your most inspired performances.

With a flexible schedule and an accessible crew, contact Sonic Audio to get a session scheduled and start recording today.


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